Semiotics of art: Prague School contributions

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  1976
Authors  Matejka, L.; Titunik, I.R.
Pages  xxi, 298 p.
Publisher  MIT Press
Place of Publication  Cambridge, Mass.
ISBN Number  026213117X
Call Number  P99 .S39301.2/1
Key Words  Linguistics; PLK; Semiotics; Literary Criticism; Drama

edited by Ladislav Matejka and Irwin R. Titunik.21 cm.Mukařovský, J. Art as semiotic fact.--Bogatyrev, P. Costume as a sign.--Bogatyrev, P. Folk song from a functional point of view.--Bogatyrev, P. Semiotics in the folk theater.--Bogatyrev, P. Forms and functions of folk theater.--Brušák, K. Signs in the Chinese theater.--Honzl, J. Dynamics of the sign in the theater.--Veltruský, J. Dramatic text as a component of theater.--Honzl, J. The hierarchy of dramatic devices.--Veltruský, J. Basic features of dramatic dialogue.--Veltruský, J. Construction of semantic contexts,--Jakobson, R. Is the cinema in decline?--Mukařovský, J. Poetic reference.--Jakobson, R. What is poetry?--Jakobson, R. Signum et signatum.--Jakobson, R. The contours of The safe conduct.--Vodiécka, F. Response to verbal art.--Doležel, L. A scheme of narrative time.--Levý, J. The translation of verbal art.--Mukařovský, J. The essence of the visual arts.--Veltruský, J. Some aspects of the pictorial sign.--Matejka, L. Postscript: Prague School semiotics.