Sound, sign and meaning: Quinquagenary of the Prague Linguistic Circle

Publication Type  Miscellaneous
Year of Publication  1976
Authors  Matejka, L.
Prepared for  Michigan Slavic Contributions
Key Words  Linguistics; PLK

Collection of profiles of individual members and other aspects of the Prague School and reactions to it. Authors include Roman Jakobson, René Wellek, Morris HallePreface by EditorAppendix: complete list of lectures delivered at the circle between 1926 and 1948Preface by editor:Starts by describing the "inconspicous beginnings of the circle" on October 6, 1926 where only six people met in the office of Mathesius to discuss lecture delivered earlier that day by Henrik Becker "Der europäische Sprachgeist" on Hungarian and Czech. The meeting consisted of Mathesius, Jakobson, Havránek, Trnka, Jan Rypka Also described the early years of the circle and assess its modern influence including in the areas of language planning1. Milada Součková, The Prague Linguistic Circle: A CollageReminisces about the meetings of the circle between 1935 - identifies Jakobson and Havránek as the movers and shakers - mentions Mathesius as being slightly less important in terms of energy he contributed - without Jakobson, however, the dynamic wouldn't have been possibleAlso talks about the circle's connections with the literary world and stresses the mutual influences - e.g. people from the art world wrote for Slovo a Slovesnost and E. F. Burian put on a production of Mastičkář thanks to Jakobson's work.2. René Wellek, Vilém Mathesius (1882-1945), Founder of the Prague Linguistic CircleRecounts his interaction as Mathesius' assistant and spends more time on his early life and stresses his protestant heritage. Also puts significant emphasis on Mathesius liberal nationalism (Talks a lot about his own work and history - almost more than about Mathesius - and his intellectual split with the circle after his emigration)